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The Clean County Commission is a cosponsor of the Virginia Peninsula Clean Business Forum. The Forum consists of Hampton, Newport News, York County and James City County and is hosted by each on a rotating basis for each quarter. Awards are presented to one local business in each of the 4 localities for outstanding environmental stewardship and beautification efforts on a quarterly basis. 

Are you proud of your business' environmental sustainability efforts? Do you have a recycling, beautification or other 'green' story to share? Complete the Clean Business Award Application for a chance to be recognized.

Peninsula Clean Business Award Winners

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  1. 2019 Second Quarter Winner

2019 Q2 CBF - Kiskiack newsflash

Kiskiack Golf Club

Kiskiack Golf Club was awarded the 2019 2nd Quarter Clean Business Award by the James City Clean County Commission for their proactive efforts to lessen their environmental impact including the incorporation of renewable energy onsite, impressive waste minimization efforts and sustainable landscaping practices. Last year the golf club recycled 1.6 tons of aluminum, 5.2 tons of cardboard, and .8 tons of plastic. Management has also focused on offsetting energy consumption and reducing their carbon footprint as the first golf course in Virginia to install solar panels to charge their electric golf carts. Additionally, they have made efforts to further eliminate waste throughout their food service. Plastic bags and Styrofoam have been entirely eliminated from their food service program and they are in the midst of switching over to eco-friendly compostable plates, cups and cutlery. They have switched from bottle soda to can soda since aluminum can be recycled indefinitely and saves the most energy, and are actively looking into ways to eliminate single-use water bottles. Guests are encouraged to bring their own insulated beverage cups and receive a discount on beverage purchases when they do so. Kiskiack has already made great strides to develop sustainable behaviors and intends to continue improvement in the future. Great job Kiskiack Golf Club for leading by example!

Clean Business Awards Hosted By

  • First Quarter - Hosted by Hampton
  • Second Quarter - Hosted by Newport News
  • Third Quarter - Hosted by James City County
  • Fourth Quarter - Hosted by York County

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