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Property Information

The Property Information System is made available to provide easy access to public property information records through an easy to use interface. This site combines data from the Real Estate Assessments division with maps and data from the County GIS. This combination provides in depth property information which can be accessed utilizing maps and by searching for a property using the address, owner name or parcel identification number. Information includes ownership, source of title, sales prices, transfer dates, legal descriptions, descriptions of the land and buildings and a history of assessments. This information is available in our offices located at the Government Center.

Land Book

Annually, the Real Estate Assessments division creates the Land Book. Copies of the Land Book are kept in our office, the Treasurer's Office and the Clerk of the Circuit Court's Office. Anyone may examine the books to compare assessments and taxes of properties. For each parcel of real estate, the name of the owner, the amount of the assessment and the taxes levied are also recorded.

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