Recording Requirements - Timeshare Quit Claim Deeds


While our office looks forward to recording your timeshare transfer documents, we are not able to give legal advice, change existing documents, or help prepare documents.

Please contact your timeshare company for specifics that they require on documents to be recorded. We are only able to record documents that meet our recording standards.

Recording Requirements for Timeshare Quit Claim Deeds

  • State who prepared the document and to whom it is to be returned (name and address).
  • A consideration amount must be listed.  This is how much it is sold/transferred for. The minimum value required by our jurisdiction is $100 to record a timeshare transfer. 
  • Grantor signatures must be notarized. Virginia does not require grantees to have their signatures notarized.
  • Confirm the legal description with your timeshare company. A legal description must be included;  we cannot record a copy of your original deed as the legal description. You may attach this as your last page.
  • Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope so that your recorded deed may be returned to the appropriate person. Once the deed is recorded, make a copy for the timeshare company, and keep the original for yourself.