Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance Amendments

The County’s Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances, Chapters 19 and 24 of the County Code respectively, can be found here.

These Ordinances are amended periodically for a variety of reasons, including implementation of the County’s Comprehensive Plan, compliance with changes in the Virginia State Code, or to address emerging uses or issues in the County.  Past and current Zoning or Subdivision Ordinance update topics can be searched through the County’s PermitLink system using the following steps:

  1. Visit JCC PermitLink.
  2.  In the first box, choose “Plan,” then click on the blue “Advanced” button on the right and in the “Plan Type” box, select the “Zoning Ordinance Amendment” choice. Click “Search.” 
  3. To see the most recent update topics, use the sort feature to sort by “apply date.”

Please contact the Planning Division if you need any assistance searching for this information.

Each ordinance update topic is typically presented to the Policy Committee, a sub-committee of the Planning Commission, for discussion at one or more meetings, depending on the work that is needed for the amendment. The topics may also be brought to Board of Supervisors Business Meetings (the 2nd Board meeting of the month) for discussion.

Following the Policy Committee meetings, all ordinance update topics are scheduled for public hearings with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Public hearings are advertised in the Virginia Gazette and meeting materials are posted on the County website.

The public can be informed and participate in ordinance update processes by:

  • Watching or participating in meetings.
    • For information regarding meeting locations and times, please visit the following webpages:
    • Meeting materials (memos, draft ordinance language, etc...) for Policy Committee, Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings will be posted on the Agendas and Minutes webpage one week prior to the meeting date.
    • Policy Committee meetings are not televised, however, Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings are available to watch on television, live stream, or on-demand.
  • Submitting written comments via email or mail to the Planning Division. Staff will forward written comments to the Policy Committee, Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

  • The County also advertises and provides notice in accordance with the Virginia State Code. Depending on the specific circumstances of the ordinance update topic, this may include mailed notice to individual property owners.