Appeal Your Assessment

Property owners may appeal assessments during the departmental review period at the end of each biennial general reassessment. If you wish to appeal your assessment, the first step is to contact us so we may explain the assessment.

After this initial conversation, if you still believe that the assessment does not represent fair market value or you believe that your property is not treated equally with other similar properties, you may request a departmental review.

During the departmental review, the appraiser will meet with you and make an inspection of the property to ensure the data on your property is accurate. The appraiser will also conduct a sales analysis utilizing recent sales of comparable properties, as well as verify the equity of the assessment of your property and the assessments of other similar properties. If there is an adjustment to the assessment, the revised assessment will be forwarded to the property owner by mail.

If a property owner is not satisfied with the outcome of the departmental review, an application to appeal the assessment may be made to the Board of Equalization. Applicants are asked to submit a Board of Equalization Assessment Appeal Application Form (PDF) to support their assertion that the assessment does not represent the fair market value of the property and/or that the property has not been assessed equally with comparable properties.