Mobile Food Vending

Regulations regarding food trucks, also known as mobile food vending vehicles, were approved by the James City County Board of Supervisors in 2016. A mobile food vending vehicle (food truck) is defined as a self-propelled or towed vehicle licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles containing a mobile kitchen in which food and beverages are stored and/or prepared and from which menu items are served in individual portions to walk-up customers.

With an approved Mobile Food Vending Permit from the Zoning Division, Mobile Food Vending is permissible on land zoned:

  • M-1 Limited Business/Industrial Zoning, 
  • M-2 General Industrial Zoning, 
  • PL Public Lands, 
  • B-1 General Business, and 
  • PUD-C (Planned Unit and Development-Commercial)  

Mobile Food Vending is not permitted in residential districts or along public right-of-ways. To view a map of food truck zones, please visit this link.

General operational requirements for Mobile Food Vending may be found in Section 24-49 of the James City County Zoning Ordinance. An administrative Mobile Food Vending Permit is required prior to operation. There is no charge for this permit.  

The regulations in the Zoning Ordinance do not apply to the operation of food trucks operating in conjunction with a special event, for which a special event permit would be required, or to food trucks operating in conjunction with a privately catered event not serving the general public. 

Delivery of pre-ordered food sales at a centralized location for the purpose of payment and distribution only for a limited time is considered a service and does not require approval from Zoning.

Interested persons may apply for a Mobile Food Vending Permit through JCC PermitLink. The following information is needed prior to apply for such permit:

(1) A copy of a valid health permit from the Virginia Department of Health stating that food truck operation meets all applicable standards. A valid health permit must be maintained for the duration of the permit. 

(2) Verification of fire department inspection and approval. To schedule an inspection please contact the James City County Fire Marshall at 757-220-0626.  

(3) Written documentation of the consent of the owner(s) of the property or properties on which the food truck will be operated.

In addition, Mobile Food Vendors must have a valid James City County business license from the Commissioner of the Revenue.  Questions can be answered at 757-253-6698.

Please feel free to contact Zoning with any additional questions at 757-253-6671 or