Flood Mitigation Program

Flood Mitigation Pilot Program

Financial and technical assistance for owners of properties on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) repetitive loss list.

This program assists with improvements that make buildings more resistant to flood damage by sharing the expenses of FEMA approved wet floodproofing methods. Eligible owners may receive:

  • Matching grants to reimburse up to 50% of the cost eligible flood mitigation construction (up to the program maximum of $3,000 per property).
  • Paying up to 80% of the cost of an elevation certificate.
  • Additional grant funds may be available for owners enrolled in our Elderly & Disabled or Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption programs.

Complete program details are contained in the Flood Mitigation Program Guidelines (PDF). For more information, email us or call Marion Paine at 757-253-6673.

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If you live in a flood-prone area the best place to start is to get an elevation certificate. Due to new federal requirements, you may have already been notified that you are required to do so. Property owners required to have flood insurance are now required to obtain an elevation certificate. Elevation certificates determine where your house and other structures are in relation to the base flood elevation or special flood hazard areas.

Seeing all the features on the property in relation to elevation will help you best prepare. You may find that only a portion of your property has a level of risk that requires mitigation measures. Many houses in James City County are on septic systems, making them susceptible to backflow problems during a flooding event. James City County has also made available a database of elevation certificates that were submitted for County review. If you have reason to believe that a previous property owner had an elevation certificate completed and submitted it for review, please check the database. Database is coming soon!

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