General Services Annual Report

Fiscal Years 2023 Overview

On behalf of the Department of General Services, it is my pleasure to present the 2023 Annual Report highlighting the past year’s successes, challenges and accomplishments. The Department is proud to provide the daily critical services necessary to ensure that our residents and customers are provided with the highest quality of service while still being fiscally responsible. The Department of General Services is unique in that it has a daily direct impact on every resident/customer through the services and infrastructure that we provide and maintain. 

As a Department, we strive to inform the public of all that we do to beautify, maintain and enhance this community. Like many, staffing continues to be one of our biggest challenges and we anticipate it will continue to be for some time. With that said, the General Services staff has done an amazing job at adjusting their priorities when called upon to provide outstanding services to all. While most of our work goes on behind the scenes, you can see it as you visit County facilities, parks and trails and participate in our programs.

The customer survey results included in this report show how you graded our services in FY23. How we treat our customers is very important to us, which you can see by the high marks we received. But equally important is how we treat and support each other each day. 

Thank you to the Board of Supervisors and County Administration for their understanding and ongoing support. Finally, I want to include a big shoutout to the General Services staff for their dedication and amazing work.


Grace Boone
Director General & Capital Services 

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