Hearings & Trials

Equity Suits

Equity suits are cases which seek judgment for something other than money. The most common of these are divorces, adoptions, boundary line disputes, and deeds/estate matters.


The Circuit Court also hears appeals from the General District Court (Civil, Traffic and Criminal) and the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

Case Alert Subscription System (CASS) - Notifications and alerts on a court case 

The Case Alert Subscription System (CASS) can be used to receive alerts when a traffic or criminal case is updated with a change in hearing date, time and/or courtroom. The system can also be used to receive reminders 1 day, 3 days and/or 1 week before a scheduled hearing. CASS alerts will be sent as email messages or SMS text messages (or both, if desired). 

Download the CASS Flyer for step-by-step subscription information.