2035 Strategic Plan

A Guidebook for Investing in the County's Future

Strategic PlanJames City County’s 2035 Strategic Plan is the County’s guidebook for future investments, the provision of public services and facilities and County work plans for the next 20 years. This plan sets out priorities to be incorporated into future County budgets and Capital Improvement Plans, as well as new initiatives undertaken by County departments.

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Goals, Capital Projects and Operational Initiatives

  • Goal 1: Sustainable Long-Term Water Supply
  • Goal 2: Modern Infrastructure, Facilities and Technology Systems
  • Goal 3: Expanding and Diversifying Local Economy
  • Goal 4: Protected Community Character and an Enhanced Built Environment
  • Goal 5: Exceptional Public Services
  • Goal 6: High Quality Education
  • Goal 7: Fiscally Efficient Government

Goal 1

Sustainable Long-Term Water Supply

Operational Initiatives
  • Update JCSA Asset Management Plan (Capital Replacement Plan)
  • Update JCSA Regulations
  • Develop Water Conservation Plan for Residences and Businesses
  • Evaluate Alternatives for Long-Term Water Supply

Goal 2

Modern Infrastructure, Facilities and Technology System

Capital Projects

  • Construct Skiffes Creek Connector
  • Widen Croaker Road– Phase 1
  • Implement Stormwater CIP Projects
  • Replace JCSA Meters at Residences (ongoing)
Operational Initiatives
  • Develop a Plan for a Multi-Use Venue for Arts, Sports, Education
  • Develop Long Range Facilities Plan in Coordination with WJCC Schools
  • Conduct a Study of County Office Space Needs
  • Develop Enterprise Architecture Plan (Technology Plan)
  • Develop a Plan to Reclaim Hospital Area at the JCCRC for Program Space for Users
  • Plan for Land Needs (future schools & JCC facilities)
  • Update Master Transportation Plan & Prioritization of Road Projects
  • Continue to Develop Watershed Management Plans for the Remaining County Watersheds

Goal 3

Expanding and Diversifying Local Economy

Operational Initiatives
  • Review JCC Ordinances, Fees and Procedures to Remove Barriers for Business. Provide Incentives for Small
  • Business, Home-Based Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • Identify Opportunities to Prepare Shovel Ready Sites for Industrial and Business Development, with Preference for locations within the Primary Services Area (PSA)
  • Update of Business Climate Taskforce Report
  • Implement Target Industries Study Strategies
  • Conduct Scenario Planning (Land Use and Fiscal Evaluation of Proposed Large Land Use Changes)
  • Coordinate with Regional Partnerships (Tourism and Economic Department Initiatives)
  • Establish Workforce Housing Task Force

Goal 4

Protected Community Character and an Enhanced Built Environment

Operational Initiatives
  • Implement Initiative to Improve Visual Character of Major Road Corridors
  • Develop Strategies to Promote Private Redevelopment of Underutilized Properties
  • Complete a Comprehensive Rewrite of the Zoning Ordinance to a Community Based Code
  • Develop Strategies for Open Space Preservation
  • Update Community Appearance Guide
  • Develop Local Green Infrastructure Map with HRPDC
  • Update Mandatory Tree Protection Standards
  • Update County Comprehensive Plan

Goal 5

Exceptional Public Services

Capital Projects
  • Implement Warhill Sports Complex Improvements (field hockey, lacrosse complex, traffic analysis/easement & new entrance road, multi-purpose field practice complex/restrooms, parking, community gym)
  • Implement Safety/Fire Station Improvements (major renovation at Station 3, new fire training facility)
  • Implement Jamestown Beach Event Park Improvements (Amblers House/Gardens, Event Area)
  • Implement James City County Marina Improvements (Phase 1 – Bulkhead, Floating/Covered Docks Fuel)
  • Implement Abram Frink Community Center Park Improvements (Splash pad/shelter)
  • Implement Recreation Center Park Improvements (Parking Expansion, Outdoor Restrooms/Concession)
  • Supplement Fire Safety Vehicles and Equipment (add 2 ambulances, add 1 pumper)
  • Implement ADA Required Parks & Recreation Facility Improvements
Operational Initiatives
  • Develop Plan to Address the Health, Housing and Job Placement Needs of Homeless, Lower Income, and Special Needs Populations
  • Develop a Strategic Plan for Seniors (Health, Housing, Transportation)
  • Continue to Expand Parks & Recreation Services to Low Income Neighborhoods through Partnerships
  • Develop Strategies to Address Findings in Housing Conditions Study
  • Update Greenways Master Plan
  • Develop Mobile Integrated Healthcare / Community Paramedicine Program
  • Complete Fire and Emergency Service Accreditation (Fire and Emergency Service Self-Assessment, Community Risk Assessment - Standards of Cover)
  • Complete Master Plan Revisions for All Individual Parks
  • Complete Parks & Recreation National Accreditation
  • Develop Plans to Enhance Emergency Preparedness
  • Expand Opportunities for Public Participation In JCC Government

Goal 6

High Quality Education

Capital Projects
  • Purchase Land (future schools and JCC facilities) (varies)
  • WJCC Schools CIP FY21-FY26 (New facilities construction)
Operational Initiatives
  • Collaborate with WJCC Schools to Implement WJCC Strategic Plan
  • Collaborate with Regional Entities on Workforce Development & Training Initiatives
  • Collaborate with Child Development Resources to Implement Smart Beginnings Program

Goal 7

Fiscally Efficient Government

Capital Projects
  • Implement County Operations Improvements (real estate management software replacement, accounting and purchasing software replacement, land development software replacement)
Operational Initiatives
  • Conduct a Cumulative Fiscal, Infrastructure, Community Character, Environmental Impact Analysis of Expanding Primary Services Area (PSA)
  • Update and Coordinate CIP Process & Timeline (Expand Timeline, Coordinate Process with Strategic Plan, and Role of WJCC Schools)
  • Refine Fiscal Impact Model to Assess Development Impacts on Fiscal Health