Underwater Search & Recovery Team

Underwater Search and Recovery Team Gear
Underwater Search and Recovery Team


The Underwater Search and Recovery Team (USRT) consists of 6 officers and is supervised by a Police Lieutenant. The mission of the USRT is to provide a well-trained, well-equipped, efficient unit which is to be utilized by the Police Chief in situations where divers are required. This includes efforts that involve the protection of the Port of Hampton Roads and when requested by outside agencies for dive team support.

When a situation arises that involves a search and rescue mission or recovery in the waters in or around the County, to include the recovery of evidence under the surface of the water, the USRT will be contacted.


In order to be appointed to serve as a member of the USRT, Officers must successfully complete the required dive training. All police divers are certified in basic and advanced open water, search and recovery and dry suit diving. The USRT also performs monthly dive-related training to include diving in different bodies of water throughout the County.