Step 3: Prescriptive Measures

About the Worksheet
The HELP program uses a Prescriptive Measures Worksheet (XLS) to list improvements recommended for each home. Improvements are assigned a value based on REM/Rate software calculations compiled from over 200 homes to determine approximate cost savings for homes participating in the HELP program.

The software calculates heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, and appliance energy loads. Homes scoring at least 100 points on the worksheet are estimated to realize at least a 20% reduction in energy usage for heating and cooling.
Prescriptive Path
The Prescriptive Path Spreadsheet (XLS) is a comprehensive, still simple option to calculate energy efficiency improvement for residential structures. It was created for retrofit programs based on averaging energy modeling calculations.

The Prescriptive Path utilizes the most common energy efficiency retrofit measures in James City County. It was created utilizing climate information from the Richmond, VA region.

SENCON, a local energy consulting firm, utilized its experience in providing energy modeling and improvement analysis services for homeowners, banks, contractors, Public Housing Authorities and Regional Alliances completing energy efficiency retrofits. Data was gathered from over 100 energy models that were created for residential homes consisting of 1 and 2 stories during 2011. The energy modeling software utilized is REM/Rate.

The Prescriptive Path sheet was created for 1 and 2 story houses. In those sheets, each retrofit mandatory measure has a pre-established number; this number is a representation of the efficiency gained by each measure. 

In an energy efficient retrofit project, a projection of energy savings can be achieved by adding the “Available Points” for each measure. Applicable points are entered for each measure in the column on the right and they are added to come up with a value for the retrofit.

In order to estimate a projection of 20% efficiency savings for a retrofit, the retrofit should achieve 100 points from the “Mandatory Measures” section.

You can also check out Environmental Protection Agency's Household Emissions Calculator and estimate your current household emissions.