Minister & Marriage Celebrant Information

Instructions for Completing a Marriage License
Use black ink only when completing the document. Type or print legibly all information.

Complete the following:
  • Section 24 - The date of the marriage
  • Section 25 - The place of the marriage
  • Section 26 - Type of ceremony (religious or civil)
  • Section 27 - Signature
  • Title of officiant
  • City or County where authorized to perform marriage
  • Year of authorization
  • Officiant's name and address
Submitting a Marriage License
Complete both copies and return them within 5 days to the Clerk of Court that issued the marriage license. To become authorized to perform marriages, please review the petitions below and select the petition that is right for you. Follow the instructions and file the petition with the Court.



These commissioners have been appointed by this Court to celebrate the rites of marriage.