Advertising & Sponsorships

Reach New Audiences

Our Destination Recreation brochure offers a unique opportunity to promote your business or organization. We have a variety of ad sizes at affordable rates. Your advertising dollars go far with our brochure’s long shelf-life of six months!


Destination Recreation is available in print and online to Parks & Recreation’s entire customer base, and is distributed twice annually through County government offices and the James City County and Williamsburg libraries. Over 8,000 school-age youth in Williamsburg/James City County public schools receive the brochure electronically.

Sponsorship Opportunities

James City County Parks & Recreation offers many sponsorship and donation opportunities for businesses and organizations. Our programs and facilities generate attendance of over 3 million people annually, which can provide significant exposure for sponsors. Both cash and in-kind sponsorships are welcome, and we can customize sponsorship packages to meet your needs.

Current Opportunities

We have sponsorship opportunities for any budget, and every contribution is valued. Current sponsorship opportunities include:

Sponsorship Policy

Those interested in sponsoring are asked to read this quick overview of sponsorship rules and regulations (PDF).

Opportunities for sponsorships will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis determined by established deadlines and/or quantities available. We reserve the right to limit the number of sponsorships.

Criteria for Participation:

  1. The mission, vision and values of a participating organization will not conflict with the mission, vision and values or best interests of the Department and James City County.
  2. Organizations that practice or promote activities in violation of federal, state or local law are prohibited from participation.
  3. Political sponsorships of any kind are prohibited, including endorsements by a political figure.
  4. Participants cannot limit the Department’s ability to seek other participants.
  5. Exploitation of citizens or James City County staff is prohibited.
  6. Participants may not condition their participation on the Department meeting certain performance standards.

Email Julie Northcott-Wilson or call 757-259-5412 for more information about sponsorships.

Community Organizations

James City County Parks & Recreation works in partnership with a variety of groups and organizations to provide recreational and community services to County and City of Williamsburg residents. Learn more about applying for community organization status.