Labor Force

One of the county’s greatest assets is its access to a large and skilled labor force. Combined with the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas (both within 45 minutes), James City County pulls from a combined civilian labor force of almost 1.5 million.

Skilled Labor

The region has a large number of military establishments, universities, federal research facilities, tourist attractions, and other service industries that provide plentiful opportunities to fill labor needs. Other key labor pool attributes include:

  • Engineers and scientists in various disciplines including aeronautics and space, advanced materials, computational sciences, marine sciences, non-destructive testing, and bioinformatics
  • Technicians and managers with military experience and training, particularly in mechanical and electronic systems, transportation and logistics, and computer modeling and simulation
  • Graduate students from more than 30 colleges and universities within an hour’s drive
  • Thousands of tourism and service industry employees working seasonal jobs with minimal, if any benefits
  • Spouses of military and university workers

Right To Work State

Virginia is one of twenty states, and the northern-most state, with a Right-to-Work law. Good labor relations and strict enforcement of this law have contributed to a positive local labor climate.

Only two county manufacturers are unionized, accounting for 6% of the county’s total employment and about half of the county’s manufacturing employment. No union elections, striking or work stoppages have occurred in the county within the past ten years.

High Quality Of Life

Companies find it easy to recruit the top talent they need to James City County. The area’s reputation for high quality of life, mild climate, convenient mid-Atlantic location, excellent school system, and abundance of recreational and cultural amenities are important factors, as are the beautifully developed neighborhoods and outstanding collection of executive housing.

Workforce Development Services

With two facilities in James City County—a Historic Triangle Campus and a Workforce Development Center, Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC) offers education and training programs for the business community, current company employees, entrepreneurs, and transitional and dislocated workers needing to advance workplace skills.

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