In James City County, your business will have easy access to three major marine terminals operated by the Virginia Port Authority—Newport News Marine Terminal, Norfolk International Terminals, and Portsmouth Marine Terminal. More than 95% of the world’s shipping lines call on The Port of Virginia, linking James City County to more than 250 ports in 1,000 countries.

The three marine terminals that compose the Port of Virginia handle more than one million containers each year. Your business can access 50-foot deep channels in an ice-free harbor with some of the world’s largest and fastest container cranes. The port also contains a Foreign Trade Zone within its boundaries.

Hampton Roads is also home to APM / Maersk, the nation’s first privately developed container terminal.

Newport News Marine Terminal

Located in Newport News, the 140- acre Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT) is the Port of Virginia’s main break-bulk terminal.  Despite its size, the facility boasts 42,720 feet of direct rail access/rail track provided by CSX. With 3,480 feet of total pier space serviced by four cranes, direct cargo loading on and off ships to and from the CSX break-bulk rail service, covered storage, container storage, and accessibility from 3 major Virginia roadways, NNMT provides a prime venue for shipments through the Port of Virginia.

Norfolk International Terminals

Located in the heart of the Hampton Roads area on 648 acres, Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) is the Port of Virginia’s largest terminal. NIT is home to 14 of the biggest, most efficient cranes in the world. With a reach stretching 245 feet, the cranes can offload ships loaded 27 containers wide with cargo. The main channel leading to the terminal is 50 feet deep.

NIT has five berths, 14 container cranes, three finger piers, a RO/RO berth, covered and container storage, and now 89,300 feet of direct rail access, which will soon connect directly to the Commonwealth Railway.  NIT has the capacity to efficiently handle all types of cargo.

Portsmouth Marine Terminal

Slightly down the river from NIT, on 219 acres, sits Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT).  With 3,540 feet of wharf, three berths, and six cranes, PMT is able to handle container, break-bulk and RO/RO cargo. PMT also has direct access to both CSX and NS railways, and will soon connect to the Commonwealth Railway. Chief among PMT’s features is its highly automated 30+ lane transfer zones and automated live e-gates.

Foreign Trade Zone

The Port of Virginia serves as a Foreign Trade Zone.

Foreign Trade Zone benefits:

  • No duty is paid on re-exported merchandise
  • If foreign merchandise is sold domestically, no duty is paid until it leaves the zone or zones
  • If foreign merchandise is manufactured into a product with a lower duty rate, the lower duty rate applies on the foreign content when duty is paid
  • Merchandise in a zone may be stored, repackaged, manufactured, manipulated, destroyed, altered or changed

No duty is charged on most waste and scrap from production in an Foreign Trade Zone

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