James City County Population

James City County is a growing and vibrant community. The county’s population has doubled over the last twenty years as more people discover the tremendous resources and quality of life available here.

With an increasing population comes a generous pool of skilled labor. The county attracts new businesses and entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of the ideal mid-Atlantic location and one of the northernmost “right to work” counties in the country.

According to the 2010 Census, 53.4% of county residents were in the 25-64 age group. Although the projected rate of growth may differ from one source to another, all sources expect the county and the region to continue to grow.

A look at population projections and employment trends offer insight into this dynamic community.

Regional Population

Growth patterns, ratios between age groups, commuting patterns, geographic distribution, population projections, and income levels all help describe a community. Regional information—from Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, and Richmond—shows similar population patterns and helps to show the community within a wider context.

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