Comprehensive Plan Update

Comprehensive Plan

Since 1980, every Virginia locality has been required by state law to have a Comprehensive Plan. The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to guide growth and development over a 20-year time period by providing the long-range vision, goals, and strategies of the community.

James City County’s plan, “Historic Past, Sustainable Future,” serves as a guide to landowners, developers, businesses, citizens, and county officials about future land use decisions. The plan’s Land Use Map assists in interpreting the intent of the Comprehensive Plan when the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors consider certain development proposals, such as rezoning and special-use permits.

“Historic Past, Sustainable Future”

Two important aspects of the James City County community are captured in the current Comprehensive Plan. “Historic Past” maintains ties to our rich historic heritage and resources present throughout the county, such as Jamestown, Freedom Park, the Norge Depot, and many more. “Sustainable Future” shifts focus to ensuring that the county is left in good shape—economically, socially, and ecologically— for future generations. The maintenance of our “Historic Past” and our desire to create a “Sustainable Future” are strongly integrated. They should be considered together to ensure the community provides a safe, productive, healthy, and meaningful setting for all residents, present and future.

Read James City County’s Comprehensive Plan

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