Business Climate Task Force

The Economic Development Authority created the Business Climate Task Force (BCTF) to review opportunities for a better partnership between James City County and the business community. The BCTF is tasked with reviewing the climate for retention and expansion of the county’s existing small, medium, and cornerstone businesses, in addition to recruiting outside businesses.

Through its charter, the BCTF created a statement to identify the qualities, characteristics, and categories of businesses preferred in James City County. To help make James City County business ready, the BCTF proposes policies, programs, and ordinance changes that would attract, retain, and expand these businesses. When making these proposals, the BCTF is mindful of our unique community attributes and resources. Maintaining the quality of life for all James City County residents and businesses, through enhancing opportunities for recreation, culture, arts, and entertainment, is of utmost importance.

Read James City County’s Business Climate Task Force Report

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